The Fastest Way to Build Personal Wealth

Apply to the Acquisition Lab Let’s talk about the single best way to build personal wealth. A lot of people don’t know this but right out of my undergraduate degree, I ended up be being a stockbroker for a big bank. When you start at a big bank as a stockbroker, you hit the pavement […]

The ONLY 2 ways to grow your business (with surprising examples)

Apply to the Acquisition Lab As an entrepreneur, you’re always trying to grow your business because if you don’t grow, you are dying. That is a basic fact. It’s taught in MBA schools and understood by entrepreneurs everywhere. You’re growing or you’re dying. There’s no such thing as stagnation. Here’s the thing, there are actually […]

Inside the Lab: How Post-Close Liquidity Determines How Much You Can Afford

One of the first questions for many acquisition entrepreneurs is “what can I afford?”. The goal of the Lab is that our members be as informed as possible about the process of buying a business. A significant challenge we found was that most people don’t feel comfortable asking lenders “hard” questions out of fear of jeopardizing […]

The Six Things You Need to Look at to See if You’re Buying a Healthy Business

Thoroughly checking the financial statement is at the top of your list when looking into a business to acquire. As such, knowing what to look for will be invaluable. Apply to the Acquisition Lab! Your first consideration when deciding on a business purchase is whether it’s financially healthy. It’s worth knowing that a vast majority […]

A Glimpse Inside the Lab: Should I buy small?

One of the more common questions that we get on sales calls now is “What’s the difference between your program and others?”. One of the biggest differentiators I believe is that we’re not here to glamourize buying a small business as a get rich quick scheme or sell the idea of “flipping” businesses to build […]

The 4 Biggest Reasons Deals Fall Apart

Why do deals die? Apply to the Acquisition Lab “The deals off”.  These are words no one wants to hear but unfortunately, deals blow up all the time. Within the Lab, we often say buying businesses isn’t for the faint of heart. Acquisitions are not a simple process.  I think the level of excitement that […]

Navigating the lack of clarity around business earnings​

Figure out what you’ll earn with greater ease! Apply to the Acquisition Lab The most common path an acquisition entrepreneur takes when they learn about the possibility to buy a business, they start digesting the available information on the topic. Regardless of the amount of information consumed, there seems to be a common question for […]

Leap of Faith: Will You Actually Buy a Business?

Revealing the Secret Sauce for Execution! Apply to the Acquisition Lab There are two things that an Acquisition Entrepreneur needs to close on your first business. When buying a company, especially for the very first time, there’s one thing that rules over that decision process and experience. Uncertainty. In other words: “What are the things […]

Why It’s All About Who You Know

Apply to the Acquisition Lab Let’s talk about the importance of your team when acquiring a business and the difference that it can make to the success of your deal. When you buy a company, it’s not just you. It’s going to involve your team whether that be one that you recruit from your network […]

Two Biggest Mistakes from the Worst Buyer Ever

Apply to the Acquisition Lab When you are looking for a business to buy, the easiest deal flow comes from reaching out to brokers – it’s a one-to-many strategy. This gets a lot of deal flow quickly from sellers who are ready to transact and typically have a pretty clear number in mind. So it’s […]