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How to buy a business - We've been featured in
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Acquisition Lab teaches members how to buy a business without the messy challenges of founding a start-up.

With the Lab in your corner, you’ll learn the best course of action on how to buy a business, while working with a highly skilled team of advisors who will support your acquisition journey from initial search to final close.

let's bring your BIG vision to life...

We're here to stand by your side, so you can take the right action (at the right time) and avoid wasting countless hours trying to "go it alone."

expert advisors - how to buy a business with Acquisition Lab

Expert Advisors

Members receive 24/7 access to highly qualified advisors who understand how to buy a business and help to navigate all the complexities of the process.

World-class education - how to buy a business with Acquisition Lab

World-Class Education

Get instant access to our signature Buyer Preparation Onramp, plus a vetted community of professionals & industry guides to support you.

Proven results - how to buy a business with Acquisition Lab

Proven Results

The proof is in the numbers - we've had over 50 closings in less than 2 years! Click here to read some of their incredible success stories.

I would have paid $10,000 for the first 4 weeks alone.

— Deborah Ekstrom, Plastic Surgeon & Owner of the Money Loves Women Podcast

We're not just experts on how to buy a business - we literally wrote the book on it.

I’m Walker Deibel, founder of Acquisition Lab and author of the bestselling book Buy Then Build: How Acquisition Entrepreneurs Outsmart the Startup Game.

This is the same strategy I’ve used to acquire 7 businesses and 10x my income – all in the same amount of time it took my first startup to start, grow, and die.

I designed the Acquisition Lab curriculum as a framework to execute the Buy Then Build approach. Our proprietary tools, workbooks & calculators are only available to Lab members.

Buy then Build book - how to buy a business with Acquisition Lab
4.7 average rating - how to buy a business with Acquisition Lab

We surveyed over 100 of our members and they rated their experience 4.7 out of 5 stars!

Hear from some of our most recent closers:

I just closed my first 7-figure acquisition with an SBA loan today!

It was an off-market deal I generated from a Facebook group conversation.

I couldn’t have done it without Chelsea & Walker - thank you both for bringing this community together. Without these resources and group, I would not have been able to accomplish this.

I got recommendations for what I most needed, including a lender, lawyer, due diligence company, accounting firm, etc. I read Walker’s book at least 3 times and reviewed the course curriculum constantly!

— Gabe Murillo
E-commerce advertising
As a first time buyer I knew going into this there was a lot that I didn’t know.

My hope was that this course would provide a framework and the resources to more confidently go after my dream of owning my own business.

I am pleased to say that to this point the Acquisition Lab has delivered as advertised. The weekly cadence calls, resources/expertise brought to the calls and the community were excellent. No suggestions at this point for what could be done better.

— Andrew B.
Mobile applications
Thank you so much for the work that you are doing to help folks like myself understand how all this stuff works.

You do such a great job breaking down the complexity so it is easy-to-understand. You are both also very generous with your time allowing everyone, with any question to gain understanding.

Your genuine desire to help us learn how to buy a business is refreshing and much appreciated! Thank you for all you both do, cheers!

— Gina V.
Travel Services
I have grown so much in my knowledge & preparedness since joining Acquisition Lab.

I have found extremely useful the live deal evaluation discussions and comments to complexities the members are facing as they explore how to buy a business. I feel it helps me be better prepared and more confident as I approach similar situations.

When I interviewed with Chelsea, she commented the Acquisition Lab will help me get nicely setup for my search next year. I couldn’t agree more. I am glad I joined!

— Paul M.

Feedback from advisors & other lab members helped me overcome challenges and address questions specific to my buyer journey.

— Shane Ehrsam, North Texas Trailers

I've not only met my financial goals in the first 5 months, but my business is growing almost too fast for me to keep up!

— Paul Golden, Pool Maintenance & Repair

With Acquisition Lab, you don't just learn how to buy a business - you also get the tools & 1:1 support needed to fast track your success!

Here's what’s Included...


The content is amazing! Felt like I got a $200k MBA in 4 weeks.

Learn exactly how to buy a business with our intuitive, results-driven system.

Expert advisors will guide you every step of the way.


Having access to experts for questions & input is priceless!


An incredible experience & community. I couldn’t imagine starting my ETA journey without the Lab.

Connect & consult with our worldwide support network.

Hand-picked tools & services that save you hours of work.


The financial model, documentation, legal templates alone makes this well worth the money.

Are you ready to accelerate your business acquisition timeline?

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Total Value: $101,400

Your Investment:


(financing available)

What happens next?

We will review applications and invite qualified applicants to participate in a strategy call to explore whether you’ll be a good match for Acquisition Lab membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 4 Week Intensive with proprietary content on how to buy a business that cannot be found elsewhere:
    • 2 Buyer Preparation Lectures from Walker Deibel, Author of Buy Then Build
    • 2 Live Workshops with Professional Advisors to Build Your Brand as a Sophisticated Investor
    • One-on-One with Advisor to Develop Value Proposition Buyer Profile
    • Live Q&A with Lending Partner
    • One-on-One with Lending Partner for Pre-Approval Letter
    • Live Ask-Me-Anything with Walker
    • Deal Evaluation Workbook (Cash Flow Calculator, 7 Elements, Business Mapping, etc.)
    • Financial Analysis Tool (3 Year Forecast, Break-Even Analysis, Scenario Planning)
    • Real Life Case Study to Gain Hands On Experience Evaluating Deals 
    • Self-Evaluation Workbooks
  • Outreach Tools (Scripts, technology, etc.)
  • Legal Templates (LOI, APA, SPA, Due Diligence Checklist, etc.)
  • Almost Daily Q&A calls with Experienced Advisors (over 100 hours a year)
  • Deep Dives into Member Deals with Walker (over 50 hours a year)
  • Weekly Guest Speakers/Interviews 
  • Access to Speaker/Interview Archive (currently over 100 speakers) 
  • Vetted Network of Service Providers (lawyers, accountants, lenders, etc.)
  • 1 Year Subscription to IBISWorld Premium to support business plan development ($4,000 value)
  • Private Slack Group & Highly Vetted Community
  • Access to the Buy Then Build Masterclass 

The initial intensive requires between 3 and 5 hours of your time per week. The live workshops are weekly on Wednesdays from 4 to 6 Central. Then there is a pre-recorded course, The 3 Forces of Search, that drops on Thursday mornings. Between the live workshops, 3 forces modules, and the outside work – it takes 3 to 5 hours per week; however, only 2 hours live on a call. 

The first week of the intensive does also have the 2 hour kick-off call and a 90 minute to 2 hour target statement refinement session that is optional so the first week requires a bit more of your time live.

Because we spend a lot of time vetting new members, we really focus on not rushing the decision making process, and have only had a single refund after starting our intensive.

We don’t want this to change so we encourage you to really think through your capacity, your commitment, and your timeline for execution before joining the Lab.

If someone truly feels like they’re not a fit for the Lab shortly after starting the Intensive, we would provide a refund because that’s the right thing to do.

However, we would hope that refunds continue to be a thing that doesn’t happen at the Lab.

Don't see your question here?

Don't just walk - RUN to join Acquisition Lab. It's the best money I've ever spent!

—  Maurice Thomas, Electrical Contracting

Key Milestones of the Business Acquisition Timeline

			Step 1 - how to buy a business with Acquisition Lab


Complete the Intensive assignments to learn exactly how to buy a business and begin defining your value & brand as a buyer

			Step 2 - how to buy a business with Acquisition Lab

Build Your Brand

Partner with Lab Advisors to complete your buyer profile and pre-qualification letter

			Step 3 - how to buy a business with Acquisition Lab

Streamline Search Process

Create the infrastructure for an efficient and effective search so you have to mechanisms in place to search with confidence

			Step 4 - how to buy a business with Acquisition Lab

Let’s get searching!

Execute on your search using the Lab deal flow, plus evaluation & analysis frameworks

			Step 5 - how to buy a business with Acquisition Lab

Get Answers

As you're reviewing deals, bring questions related to your search to the Lab's weekly office hours or Slack advisors, so you're never left alone or spinning your wheels

			Step 6 - how to buy a business with Acquisition Lab

Analyze first deal

Find one deal that’s interesting to you and run that deal through the Acquisition Lab process to evaluate & analyze

			Step 7 - how to buy a business with Acquisition Lab

Draft your first LOI

Almost there! Using the tools and templates provided by the Lab, draft your first LOI, get feedback from advisors, and finalize your offer at the live Deal Review call.

			Step 8 - how to buy a business with Acquisition Lab

Build your team

As you search, you'll start building your transaction team, where you’ll get to tap into our ever-expanding service provider directory of trusted professionals

			Step 9 - how to buy a business with Acquisition Lab

Plan for Close

Tap into tools and resources, ask advisors, and plan for your first 100 days

			Step 10 - how to buy a business with Acquisition Lab

Close your first deal

Time to celebrate (and get to work!) Now the REAL fun begins.

Make Moves, Change Your Life & Learn How to Buy a Business

I successfully learned how to buy a business with Acquisition Lab. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more.

Coming out of it, I feel confident that I know what I am doing and I am part of a community with whom I share the same journey.

Additionally, the connections to various experts has been amazing….mentioning that I am part of the lab opens the door immediately. I cannot think of anything that could have been done better – I am just grateful to be a part of this incredible course and community. Thank you!!!”

The best part of the Lab was the community it created around business acquisition. I also really enjoyed the sessions on how to buy a business: the financial analysis, deal flow and all the related discussions around specific deals.” 

Worth every penny. Well organized and provides valuable insight into the quite confusing world of small business acquisition. The buyer profile and SBA pre-approval were extremely helpful and both provide much needed confidence during outreach.”

I couldn’t have put such a nice profile without Karen, she’s awesome! Preparing the profile helped me reflect on these experiences and think how I can best use my skills in a small business setting… and if I have to burn all my boats, I still feel the odds are in my favor.”

The Lab helped me transition from being a startup founder to a small business owner, which gives me a LOT more autonomy as an entrepreneur...

— Lucas Phillips, Auto Manufacturing

The Lab cost 1% of my MBA program, and I actually felt MORE prepared afterward. My goal was to find more tax-efficient income, and I was able to achieve that.

— Stewart Nixon, Restaurant Owner

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