Analyze Acquisition Deals Like the Pros Do

Forecast ROI and Assess Risk & Reward with This Financial Modeling Tool

Elite due-diligence firms charge their clients $20,000 to use tools like this for a single deal.

We’re giving it to you for just $7, and you can use it an unlimited amount, on as many deals as you’d like.

Get Your Answer to the Question of "What Am I Actually Buying?"

As an Acquisition Entrepreneur, what you’re aiming to buy is a business that will buy itself with its cash flow.

Said another way, you’re buying the future to pay for the past. 

Rule number one before establishing a purchase price is making sure the business can afford to pay for the business. That’s exactly what our proprietary modeling tool will help you to figure out.

Calculate Your Returns Confidently

Here Are the Numbers You Can Expect the Modeling Tool To Spit Out

Intimidated By Accounting? Don’t Be

I’m going to assume you’re not an accounting expert. You don’t
have to be one, so don’t let this stop you. 

The numbers tell a story about what has happened in the past, describing the overall health and performance of the company.  

During the acquisition process, you’ll lean on accounting professionals regardless of your skill level. You’ll pick it up
more and more as you go (and as it becomes financially motivating to do so).

This financial modeling tool will serve as an overall
framework to get your sea legs under you and get familiar
with the business you’re reviewing.

We Put Thousands of Dollars Into Developing This Tool

…And We’re Giving It To You For the Price of a Turkey Sandwich


Because you shouldn’t have to be rich to acquire a company (and you really don’t have to be).

We see a vision of the world where the opportunity to become an Acquisition Entrepreneur is available to anyone with a dream, and that’s why we’re democratizing this modeling tool at an insanely affordable price.

The Elite Accelerator for Acquisition Entrepreneurs.

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