The Six Things You Need to Look at to See if You’re Buying a Healthy Business

Thoroughly checking the financial statement is at the top of your list when looking into a business to acquire. As such, knowing what to look for will be invaluable. Apply to the Acquisition Lab! Your first consideration when deciding on a business purchase is whether it’s financially healthy. It’s worth knowing that a vast majority […]

The 4 Biggest Reasons Deals Fall Apart

Why do deals die? Apply to the Acquisition Lab “The deals off”.  These are words no one wants to hear but unfortunately, deals blow up all the time. Within the Lab, we often say buying businesses isn’t for the faint of heart. Acquisitions are not a simple process.  I think the level of excitement that […]

Evaluating the True Risk level of Your Acquisition

Many times we wonder to ourselves, is this the right time to buy companies or is it a good time to do an acquisition. During the last cohort, we ran our Ask-Me-Anything style session with one of the leading SBA lenders in the country. Throughout that call, the conversation took a dark turn focusing heavily […]