The Fastest Way to Build Personal Wealth

Apply to the Acquisition Lab Let’s talk about the single best way to build personal wealth. A lot of people don’t know this but right out of my undergraduate degree, I ended up be being a stockbroker for a big bank. When you start at a big bank as a stockbroker, you hit the pavement […]

The ONLY 2 ways to grow your business (with surprising examples)

Apply to the Acquisition Lab As an entrepreneur, you’re always trying to grow your business because if you don’t grow, you are dying. That is a basic fact. It’s taught in MBA schools and understood by entrepreneurs everywhere. You’re growing or you’re dying. There’s no such thing as stagnation. Here’s the thing, there are actually […]

A Glimpse Inside the Lab: Should I buy small?

One of the more common questions that we get on sales calls now is “What’s the difference between your program and others?”. One of the biggest differentiators I believe is that we’re not here to glamourize buying a small business as a get rich quick scheme or sell the idea of “flipping” businesses to build […]

The Biggest Mistake I Made While Acquiring $16.5 Million in Revenue

Apply to the Acquisition Lab I want to talk about one of the single biggest mistakes that I made when acquiring $16.5 million in revenue in existing businesses over time, 10 years. If I were to do it all over again there’s a couple of things that I would change. After acquiring the initial $16.5 […]