Leap of Faith: Will You Actually Buy a Business?

Revealing the Secret Sauce for Execution! Apply to the Acquisition Lab There are two things that an Acquisition Entrepreneur needs to close on your first business. When buying a company, especially for the very first time, there’s one thing that rules over that decision process and experience. Uncertainty. In other words: “What are the things […]

Why It’s All About Who You Know

Apply to the Acquisition Lab Let’s talk about the importance of your team when acquiring a business and the difference that it can make to the success of your deal. When you buy a company, it’s not just you. It’s going to involve your team whether that be one that you recruit from your network […]

Two Biggest Mistakes from the Worst Buyer Ever

Apply to the Acquisition Lab When you are looking for a business to buy, the easiest deal flow comes from reaching out to brokers – it’s a one-to-many strategy. This gets a lot of deal flow quickly from sellers who are ready to transact and typically have a pretty clear number in mind. So it’s […]